{Leaked} Fortnite Battle Royale Skins 2019

The fortnite game has taken the whole gaming community by storm. it goes without saying in this battle royale there are more skins and cosmetics items that will keep you interested for very long time. We have seen how some popular skins have received greater attention as compared to others. This is evidence that the new skins are far more attractive as compared to older ones.

Most players always want to be the first one to own them. This adds a sense of superiority to the player. There are many types of these at the game store, costing anything from few bucks to few hundred dollars. It is estimated that on average a player will spend more $500 every few months on purchasing skins. This has left a void or an opportunity for scamming people to exploit based on the needs of the gabble players. If you perform a google search you will discover all sorts of websites offering free this and free that. This is 2019 and most people have wise up and cannot be fooled by fake generators. It is worth noting that not all of this generators are fake, there are few of them that actually works, however you have to know where to find them.

What are leaked skins

As the heading implies, these are leaked skins are available for download oe purchase before there are readily available to the public. Most of the current ones that you see everywhere are already leaked. We thrive to bring you brand new ones that no one has heard about. There are few categories that we follow before leaking a skin, that is

  1. Is the skin popular ( how will it be received by the general public)
  2. After that we test the skins to ensure that are functional and they are not some sort of a prank

This eliminates are problems when applying them to any account. We have premium skins that has just recently been leaked.

1 Fortnite volley girl skin

The Fortnite volley girl skin was leaked ahead of it officially going live in the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PC and Mac game.

The Fortnite skin features a character in a tennis outfit and comes with a tennis racket back bling.

The description for the leaked Fortnite skin reads: “If you get served, it’s not her fault”.

Most fans have believed that the release of this skin seem obvious that it is a promotional material for other esport game.

Get ready to top up the Fortnite Summer Slam with this amazing skin

Everyone knows that the Australian Open begins tomorrow therefore a skin like this will e appeal and add some charisma. The buzz is around the Fortnite Summer Slam . When this skin is made available a ot of people will be dying to get their hands on it because it is the ultimate best This Grand Slam will held in Melbourne

How To Get V Bucks To Get Leaked Skins

There are numerous ways in which you can cosmetic items in fortnite icluding skins. For that you will v bucks. V bucks acts as a sorcuce of macro currency in the game to offer payers a chance to purchase items without having to use hard cash. However it is worth noting that you have to use hard cash to purchase v bucks. There are other ways in which you can get these for free and below we list some of the sources

  1. Use generators ( we highly recommend using this generator as it is known to work here )
  2. Purchasing them from the epic games store
  3. Mining them
  4. Getting them from friends
  5. Getting them from familes
  6. compeeting tasks in the game to earn them.

This is a general way to get v bucks in order to purchase skins.

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