What are hacks and why do we need them? To answer this, we have to look at what are they needed for. For that we can surmise that they are needed mainly to counter the costs of having to spend on games. Yes! These are mainly for games. These can be android games to ios games or any game. The use of these is not really ethical in any way because the developers of the said games do not benefit. However since we know that life is not at all fair, we have to make it possible for everyone to be able to enjoy the fully. That is, to get in game upgrades without spending any money.

To do this we have to use hacks or cheats. With these you will be able to attain everything in the game without spending any money of your own. This is because certain games such as the harry potter hogwarts mystery game e.t.c have a sort of pay to upgrade certain aspects of the game. Therefore if you are on a limited budget, this will be a hindrance. This will result in you as a player facing obstacles that make it hard for you to progress smoothly in the game.

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